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Deites in Temple


Shri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple

The temple complex is presided over by Lord Venkateswara, the bestower of piety and abundance. The imposing Sanctum Sanctorum, positioned at the heart of the complex, houses an idol that faithfully replicates the one at Tirumala.


Shree Padmavathy Ammavari Temple

On the right side of the Balaji Temple, lies the residence of Goddess Padmavathy. Seated gracefully on a lotus, with lotuses in hand, she epitomizes love and mercy, radiating benevolence and divine blessings. The Rajagupuram reaches a height of 15 feet, while the Vimanam stands tall at 32 feet, adding to the grandeur of this sacred abode.


Shri Ramalingeshwara Swamy Temple

On the left of the Balaji Temple stands the shrine of Lord Shiva, the formidable "Destroyer" in the Trinity. This omnipotent deity, credited with the cosmic dance of destruction known as "Shiva Thandav," sits serenely on a lotus, adorned with a crescent moon in his hair and a trident in his right hand. Standing beside him is 'Shakti Swaroopini' Kamalambika, completing the divine couple that instills fortitude in their devoted followers.


Shri Ganesha Temple

Adjacent to this site is the temple dedicated to Lord Vijayganapathi, the remover of all obstacles. Before embarking on any activity, seekers invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha, recognizing him as the divine deity and son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Seated upon his vehicle, the rat, and delighting in Modakas, Lord Vijayganapathi ensures success in all endeavors, guiding individuals through the challenges that lie ahead.


Shri Swaminath Kartikeya Temple

On the left of the Ganesh Temple lies the residence of Lord Kartikeya. Traditionally perched atop hills, the Kartikeya temple at Paramanand Giri stands as a seamless addition to this tradition. Revered as a Kalpavriksha for His devotees, Lord Kartikeya stands here, clad in only a loincloth, with His right hand gripping a staff and the left casually resting on His waist, imparting a sense of strength and divinity to the onlookers.

Radhe Shyam.jpg

Shri Radha Krishna Temple

Adjacent to the Temple of Lord Rama stands the shrine of eternal love and devotion, Radhe Shyam. The enchanting idol of Lord Krishna, captivatingly playing the flute, adds a touch of divine beauty to the surroundings.


Shri Sita Rama Temple

Adjacent to the Balaji Temple, the Rama Temple stands proudly. Lord Sri Rama, embodying the triumph of humanity over evil, serves as an incarnation of God Vishnu. A perennial reminder of the values of an ideal human, Lord Sri Rama is accompanied by his unwaveringly faithful wife, Sita, and his devoted brother, Lakshmana. In humble reverence, Hanuman, the true devotee of the Lord, stands with folded hands in attendance


Shri Veer Hanuman Temple

At the hill's base stands a temple dedicated to Lord Anjaneya, the Son of the Wind God. Renowned for unwavering devotion, courage, and strength, Anjaneya, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, embodies divine virtues. Promptly responding to Rama's call, He guides the devout to the Lord's lotus feet, offering spiritual guidance and strength.


Navagraha Temple

The Navagraha deities reside in an open temple, a unique arrangement. At the center stands Surya, the Sun God, while the other Grahas encircle him, each facing the direction over which they hold sway, creating a celestial alignment within the sacred space.


Ashta Laxmi Temple

Nestled between the Balaji and Padmavathy temples, the Ashtalakshmi Temple honors Mother Adilakshmi in her eight facets. With one hand in the 'Abhaya Mudra,' offering security, and another in 'Vara Mudra,' bestowing boons, she graciously showers devotees with prosperity and well-being, creating an aura of divine abundance and blessings.


Shri Devi DurgaTemple

Proceeding from here, you arrive at the Durga Temple. Known as the daughter of Sumeru, the mountain God, this dark-hued, moon-faced, three-eyed deity, adorned in saffron, is Mother Gowri. She dispels all fears, endowing her devotees with courage and strength, creating a sanctuary of reassurance within her sacred presence.

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